One Year A.M.

Written after the death of her daughter, One Year A. M. chronicles a gifted poet’s examination of grief, death, life, and love. In this thorough, thoughtful, honest book, Eliel Luma Fionn manages to bring humor and joy to the process of mourning, providing deep comfort and a recognition of our universal human experience.

One Year A.M. reminds us that love transcends death, emotions are a necessary part of loss, and that grief, though incredibly painful, may encourage tremendous personal and spiritual growth.



Uncover The Sun

In this sequel to One Year A.M., Eliel Luma Fionn continues her exploration of grief after the loss of her daughter, Maia. A heartfelt, honest book, Uncover the Sun provides an expanded view of life and love, giving the reader a sense of hope even in the midst of grief. The author deals with difficult topics gracefully, confronting human foibles with wry humor. Her poetry, alternately moving, inspiring, and down to earth, is especially comforting to those in mourning. (more…)


The Meadow

The Meadow is written by Eliel Fionn and illustrated by Nancy Bright.
Summary: When a magical storyteller arrives in a little kingdom, the inhabitants are changed forever.
Nancy Bright is known worldwide for her beautiful, spiritually illuminating watercolor paintings. Please check out her website at