Part 1: Show 1 — Dealing with Grief

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Grief is a part of life. Learn how to deal with loss so that you honor the process, as well as learn how to cope long term.

In this 10-minute podcast, I will discuss the answers to the following questions asked by my co-host, journalist / PR specialist Hope Katz Gibbs:

  • What are important qualities and practices helpful in coping with grief?
  • What are the cycles of grief, and is there a straight path to feeling relief?
  • How can you identify and accept your own unique process of grief?
  • How can you best honor the person, or thing, that you have lost?
  • What are helpful ways to handle others who are wanting to assist you through the grief process?
  • How can understanding your past lives alleviate suffering associated with loss?

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Love, Eliel