Part 2: Show 3 — Developing healthy relationships with yourself, and others

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When it comes to having healthy relationships and clear boundaries, it’s often a work in progress. But I have found that the healthier the relationship is that you have with yourself — the clearer it will be with everyone you encounter. The key, I have observed, is to refine and trust your intuition.

In this 10-minute podcast, I will discuss the answers to the following questions asked by my co-host, journalist / PR specialist Hope Katz Gibbs:

  • Why are people afraid of their intuition? How can they overcome that fear?
  • Why do we sometimes turn off our inner knowing, and how can we keep ourselves safe and sane through life’s ups and downs?
  • What are some of the emotional and ethical issues we face regarding having healthy boundaries — especially when others we encounter seem to want to push on those boundaries, or have squishy boundaries themselves?

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Love, Eliel