Part 3: Show 1 — Increasing Self-Esteem

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Balanced self-esteem, aka high self-worth, is the foundation of success.  It affects every aspect of our lives, including our relationships, career, and sense of self. Most of us have areas in which we feel worthy and confident, and areas in which we feel less secure. How would your life be different if you lived in a continual state of worthiness?

In this 10-minute podcast, I will discuss the answers to the following questions asked by my co-host, journalist / PR specialist Hope Katz Gibbs:

  • What does it mean to truly love and value yourself — and how can you achieve that goal at all times, in all situations?
  • If you are feeling blue, what do you do to keep your self-esteem shiny?
  • When is it time to head to a therapist, because your self-esteem issues are actually not simply about valuing yourself — but about something that happened in your past that you really need a professional psychologist to help guide you?

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