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Hello and welcome to the Spiritual Integrity Radio Show! I’m Eliel Fionn, your host. I am excited to welcome you to this regular podcast offering, and invite you to check out my website for more information:

I’ve been working as an intuitive for decades. I work with people of all ages, including young children, teens, doctors, judge, lawyers, businesspeople, therapists, actors, and musicians.

My goal for the show is to remind people that honoring your intuition can really change your life. Emotions are necessary, and not something to be ashamed of. Everyone is valuable and worthy of love. Spirituality — whether it’s through organized religion, a strong connection to nature, or our fellow humans — is helpful when dealing with intense situations of life and death.

Creativity is the energy of the universal pouring through the personal. Passion, curiosity, integrity, being present with whatever comes, and loving yourself are essential to living a fulfilling life.

Most of us are grieving the loss of someone, something, or ourselves — whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. We can learn to handle grief, to take the pain and create beauty from it.

I especially hope that people who are energetically, environmentally, and emotionally sensitive find these podcasts. It’s fantastic to be sensitive, and you can learn to manage it. The key is to find ways to feel safe being who you truly are.

In this podcast series, my plan is to create a safe, nonjudgmental, and compassionate atmosphere so that people feel comfortable talking about their deepest fears and most cherished dreams.

Accessing your own authority is fundamental. My intention is to remind you about your own knowing. One way I do that is to access the patterns of your lifetime, and past lifetimes. This provides you with a larger context for who you are, so you can understand and release old patterns that don’t serve you.

Perceiving energy, and accessing past life information, are a couple of the ways that I provide this larger context.

How do I see what I see? How do I know what I know? Part of it is practice. Let’s start with this question for you: Have you ever met a stranger who just seemed familiar? Someone that immediately you know you will love and adore, or dislike and fear? The fact that we recognize each other time after time is insanely awesome, because our hearts simply know each other. It’s comforting to know that love continues beyond death.

Adore yourself! It is really fun!

In the coming months, topics this podcast show will cover include:

    • Why discuss past lives? Understand patterns of behavior that we carry through lifetimes and get a more expanded sense of self.
    • Kindness — Unpacking beliefs and judgments: What is holding you back, and how can you treat yourself and others kindly as you heal?
    • Opening up to self-love and acceptance: Shift your vibration, shift your karma, change your life.
    • The importance of honoring emotions: Emotions are energy. Let’s make friends with them.
    • Protection 101: A primer on how to make sure you are safe in your skin.
    • Grounding: Feeling present and effective in your life.
    • Presence: Show up and shine.
    • Boundaries: What are yours? How do you maintain them?
    • What are karmic patterns and how can they shift? Are you feeling stuck in a situation — and no matter what you do, you wind up with the same result?
    • What gifts do people bring in from other lifetimes? How can and should they be shared, and when is it time to let them go? If you a musical prodigy who just doesn’t want to play the piano, or a stellar athlete who doesn’t see the point in making the team, much less the goal … here are some reasons and ways to move past the past and toward the future.
    • Kids and intuition: Validating their perception, helping stay open.
    • Exploring the relationship between speech, language, energy, and intention: Are you in alignment?
    • And more! What would you like Eliel to address? Send us an email.


Meet my co-host: I’ve invited journalist Hope Katz Gibbs, the founder and producer of Inkandescent Radio, to conduct these interviews with me. We’ll start off by giving you a little background and insight into my experience and life as an intuitive guide, and then in each episode, Hope will help me illuminate some big ideas through our Q&As.

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Eliel Fionn’s Spiritual Integrity Radio Show

Hello and welcome to the first episode of Eliel Fionn’s radio show, Spiritual Integrity — a guide to honing your innate tools and using them to improve your life. I’m your co-host and founder of the Inkandescent Radio Network, Hope Katz Gibbs.

I am honored to know Eliel. She has been my guide since I met her through a dear friend in 2011. Every month since, she has been the person I turn to for insight into the issues that I struggle to overcome — from leaving my beloved husband and better understanding my children’s deepest needs, to letting go of the people and partners who weren’t allowing me to accomplish what I am here to do.

Eliel’s emotional handholding, profound knowledge, and love have helped me through these challenges. So it is an honor to introduce more people to the wisdom that she provides. Without hesitation, and from the feedback of the dozens of people who I have introduced to her, I can tell you that Eliel will make you feel better about the things that you know are true. Sometimes, we all just need a nudge, and a hug, to have the courage to follow our inner voice.

With pride, I introduce you to the woman who has guided hundreds of people around the world to be the best versions of themselves — including celebrities and multi-millionaires, to little kids who remember their past lives and all those choosing to work on understanding and making peace with pre-birth and after death experiences … I welcome you to Eliel Fionn’s podcast show, Spiritual Integrity.

  • Eliel: What role has intuition played in your life?
  • Tell us about your upbringing, awareness that you have this gift, and your own spiritual growth.
  • What has your career path been — that is, what led you to this moment in time in the Spring of 2018 and the launch of your new podcast show and website?
  • Let’s talk about your personal life. You had three children, been through a divorce, found the love of your life — and also sorrowfully, tragically, lost your youngest daughter, Maia, when she was 23. Can you tell us more about that?
  • What helped you through the grief?
  • As a segue to some additional offerings that might help others coping with profound grief, tell us about your most recent books.
  • Now, let’s go back to this idea of being sensitive and aware. In our many conversations, you have told me that everyone — of course — has the capacity to tap into their inner knowing. That sense that you know a stranger, but don’t know exactly what or how. Or that you know what’s coming, even when you don’t want to see it because it can be painful. So talk to us about what it’s like to be sensitive.
  • Finally, let’s review the benefits and pitfalls of being intuitive, and the practical applications of honing this inner knowing in your life, love, and business.

WOW! Thank you so much for your time and support in this first podcast, Eliel. I can’t wait to tackle the next topic: Why discuss past lives? Understand patterns of behavior that we carry through lifetimes and get a more expanded sense of self.

Stay tuned for that through our social media pages and websites. To sign up to get alerts about future podcasts, send us an email.