Face Reading: Expand your deeper knowing

  1. Learn to view others and be viewed with compassion.
  2. Identify personality patterns.
  3. Recognize soul archetypes.
  4. Expand your intuition and ability to see clearly.
  5. Release old strategies from childhood and other lifetimes, that no longer serve.

Access Abundance: What’s keeping you from having the life of your dreams?

Workshop includes ways to:

  1. Identify areas in your life you want to expand regarding levels of abundance, whether financial, relationship, career, creativity.
  2. Discover what limits your ability to create the life of your dreams.
  3. Address issues blocking your success.
  4. Clear blocks and learn strategies for manifesting what you most need and want.
  5. Make a plan and take steps in order to achieve abundance.

Boundary Issues / Self-Worth: Shore up your boundaries and expand your idea of self-worth to become more effective in your world

Workshop includes ways to:

  1. Explore areas in your life which would improve with higher self worth, career, relationship, finances…
  2. Hone in on specific beliefs that affect your self esteem.
  3.  Identify where your boundaries do not support your best self.
  4. Maintain clear boundaries.
  5. Learn daily strategies to increase your self worth and expand your life.

Relationship Building: Explore your relationship with yourself, others, and discover how to go deeper

Workshop includes ways to:

  1. Recognize negative self talk and self sabotage patterns.
  2. Identify relationship patterns that keep you stuck.
  3. Clarify your intentions in relationship.
  4. Practice setting healthy boundaries with yourself and others.
  5. Learn strategies to understand and deal with your own emotions.

Hone Your Intuition: Identify, explore, and expand your intuitive abilities

Workshop includes ways to:

  1. Identify your individual intuitive gifts.
  2. Discover what inhibits your intuition.
  3. Clarify your intentions and learn ethical boundaries.
  4. Practice expanding your perceptions.
  5. Learn strategies for integrating your intuition into daily life.