One Year A.M.



Written after the death of her daughter, One Year A. M. chronicles a gifted poet’s examination of grief, death, life, and love. In this thorough, thoughtful, honest book, Eliel Luma Fionn manages to bring humor and joy to the process of mourning, providing deep comfort and a recognition of our universal human experience.

One Year A.M. reminds us that love transcends death, emotions are a necessary part of loss, and that grief, though incredibly painful, may encourage tremendous personal and spiritual growth.

Below is a sample poem: 

The Truth of Grief

Grief is a slam down into self
far enough
that depths don’t have bottom.
We ache in places that didn’t seem to exist before,
although they probably were there,

This jungle of loss is wild,
lush with feeling, but fathomless for those
whose death has not yet touched

The terrain extends beyond what we can see
even from the highest perch,
limitless, expansive
with a kind of harsh beauty
far from civilized

This raw country
leaves us exposed, vulnerable,
forced to live
from the core of who we have become,
not the selves we thought we were

By Eliel L. Fionn
One Year A.M. © 2018

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