Individual Sessions, Personal Growth Package

I. INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: $150, 60-minute session, PAST LIFE PATTERN OVERVIEW: In this 60-minute session, Eliel will give you an overview of your career, relationship, and spiritual patterns, which will assist in addressing specific issues or areas of concern (job dissatisfaction, loss of a loved one, fear around money, etc.)

ENERGY SESSION: This 60-minute session includes an energy reading, energy field expansion, chakra balancing, and grounding suggestions.

COMBO PLATTER: In this 60-minute session, Eliel will focus on specific issues including past life patterns and do energy work to clear blocks.

PERSONAL GROWTH PACKAGE: Includes three 60 minute sessions including past life overview, exploring/ unblocking, and integrating for $425.

Comprehensive Personal Growth

II. COMPREHENSIVE PERSONAL GROWTH: $875, Includes four 90-minute sessions, with email check-in after each session

  1. OVERVIEW: In this first session, Eliel will guide you to understand what’s happening on a soul level.
  2. EXPLORING / UNBLOCKING: The second session will address core issues that are blocking your growth.
  3. INTEGRATING: The third session will provide you with practical techniques to support the next steps in your journey.
  4. FOLLOW UP: This fourth session is a check-in to discuss your progress, and will provide you with strategies to implement as you continue moving forward.

Reiki Training


  1. Level 1: Introduction to Reiki and Energy Work, $300 (3-4 hours)
  2. Level 2: Mental and Emotional Clearing and Long-Distance Reiki, plus energy balancing, $350 (4 hours)
  3. Level 3: Reiki Master Training (enables the practitioner to teach), $450 (5 hours)
  4. Each class includes three 15 minute followup conversations to monitor progress and answer any questions that may arise while practicing Reiki.
  5. All three levels: $1000

Reiki* is a combination of Reiki, honing and opening your intuition, and an introduction to complex energy work. Included is a review of the chakra system, as well as an expanded view of other energetic modalities.