Soul Readings/Learning to Love Yourself: An in-depth discussion of your soul history, including past lives, soul experience, soul archetypes, careers, relationship patterns, spiritual development, purpose, and progress. This is an overall view of who you are as a soul, patterns you may be finishing, and new levels of awareness you may be approaching. My intention is to provide people with a deeper understanding of themselves, in order that they treat themselves more kindly and love themselves more fully.

Energy Balancing/Clearing: Chakras, or energy centers, are the primary focus of most energy work sessions. I address the chakra level, but expand beyond the traditional chakra system. I also approach issues on the soul level in terms of getting to the root cause. We may examine core beliefs and thought forms that are no longer helpful. With respect for each individual’s coping strategies, I approach the energy system gently, allowing each client to set the pace for their own self-discovery.

Reiki Trainings: Learning Reiki is a simple and effective way to assist the mind and body to achieve balance. Reiki is a gentle form of energy work that promotes relaxation and an overall sense of vitality. Reiki is not only taught as a practice, but also passed by a series of attunements that increase the flow of energy in the body. Included in the Reiki classes are energy balancing techniques and grounding exercises. For those who wish, I also attune clients to healing arts studied in previous lifetimes. Learn more about Reiki training here.

Coping With Life Transitions: Many of us are grieving a loss, whether a death, divorce, separation, career change, move, or estrangement. I provide an expanded, compassionate view of the grief process. I may chat with the souls of those who have died, and in situations regarding separation or career transitions, look ahead to see what the future may bring. I do work in conjunction with therapists, and will refer a client for therapy if their issues are outside my purview.

Honing Intuition: Individual tutorials include identifying your intuitive gifts, and exercises to increase your abilities and to hone your accuracy. We may also incorporate energy work to remove blocks and open intuition further. We will practice grounding and protection, and discuss ethical boundaries. Learn more about Honing Intuition here.

Home/Office/Land Clearings: Often our environment retains the energetic imprint of events or residue from previous times or intensely emotional events. I assist clients in removing uncomfortable energy from their space, and instruct them in how to maintain a clear environment. I have helped clear homes, bookstores before book signings, hospitals before surgeries, properties before home construction, universities, spas, and many other locations that get a lot of traffic.

Oil Readings: I provide oil readings for clients to help them choose the appropriate oil to support their healing process. My essential oil blends are made with pure essential oils in a base of organic safflower oil. Each oil is individually formulated to strengthen the energy field, support body systems, and promote increased awareness.


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