Client testimonials for Intuitive Consultations

“Working with Eliel is a blessing that I am consistently and eternally grateful for!  My perspectives on life, and therefore my day to day life, have changed dramatically since I began working with her a few years ago. I look forward to my monthly sessions and consider it a treat and an honor to work with her.  Her insight, compassion, integrity and intuition create an atmosphere of energetic and emotional safety, allowing for miraculous transformation and healing.”  M. W., Oregon

“Eliel shares her astronomically authentic access via a fusion of practical, straight-to-the-heart-of-the-matter-wisdom wrapped within soul-deep kindness and compassion. Time after time – Throughout 18 years!- I have sought her counsel on myriad matters. Whether in person or by phone; through consultations, workshops, clearings and Reiki training – Eliel is consistently spot on, practical and uplifting.

She is a supremely gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient, “clair-everything” who brings through pure truth, in clear terms, all the while honoring you as a unique individual with your own particular path and process. Eliel doesn’t preach or dictate – she empathetically imparts and elucidates, with a warmth and kindness that will resonate intensely with you. The Eliel Experience feels like a comprehensive, fine-tuning-up!” N.P., CA

“My sessions with Eliel helped me see the spiritual things of my life, energetic patterns I felt but had no language for. What she helped make clear turned on a light inside me and everything began to move, exit, and fall into place. Eliel opened me up to a new realm of recognition and understanding of my own sense of self and how I fit into the world, and that, in turn, helped me release lifetimes of baggage, and,see where, when and why, I had packed it up in the first place.

And best of all, after a session with Eliel I feel a beautiful vibrancy and buoyancy that carries with me for days. This alone is its own reward.”  K. E. Tenn.

“Eliel is wise, kind, and joyful.  She was a source of critical information, support, and clarity during a particularly challenging time in my life.  Eliel provided perspectives that helped me understand the bigger picture of what was unfolding and never failed to be relevant, accurate and loving. I am grateful that she so generously shares her gifts.”  A. H. Oregon

“Having spent almost 20 years to overcome a mugging-attempt induced paranoia that impaired my social life Eliel was instrumental to the healing and regaining my sense of freedom. Liberated from psychological imprisonment I once more could be at ease around other people and travel the world. Central to my appreciation of the way Eliel work is her blend of loving and caring professionalism and her ethics around sharing of meaning of past experiences and relationships. I feel blessed to have connected to Eliel.”  K.B.

“I have found over the years that Eliel Fionn is very consistent and precise in bringing a divine flow of inner light to any subject, regarding myself, that needs immediate attention. I have been a teacher of spiritual practices for most of my life and I have seen over decades that people have different areas of expertise in life that get nurtured through regular contact with deep, inner silent consciousness. This field of deep inner silence, I have found, is a place where Eliel thrives and is most at home. From this perspective on reality it is very easy and natural for her to see clearly into each person’s direct relationship with all the laws of nature and in this way help to guide them around upcoming obstacles and to understand what nature and Divinity expect and require of each person for their greatest ultimate good.

Aside from all of this, Eliel is one of the most deeply joyful people I know and one of the very few that I can talk with about anything.” S.U. IA

“As an exceptionally gifted seer, I have turned to Eliel in my more profound moments of confusion to help me find my bearings. And when the terrain demands more than I think I can bear, and my courage falters, Eliel’s genuine warmth and wisdom as a fellow traveler never fails to give me the jump-start needed to keep moving forward.”  P.N. Portland, OR

Eliel is the most tuned in Clairvoyant I have ever been introduced to. She is extremely compassionate & understanding of the human experience, thereby able to see the whole of individual she is working with – without the overlay of personal judgment or personal agenda. This allows for a level of accuracy to her readings that is very profound and useful. Her counsel is honest and serves as valuable insight into my life and how to best proceed to my next step. She has shared some far out things with me over the years, and I have learned to remain open to the possibilities as the information plays out in my life in sometimes unexpected ways. Sessions with Eliel have aided me in living a more joyous and fulfilling life. For me, that’s the whole point!” B.B., Sebastapol, CA

“Whenever I talk to Eliel, I can feel her energy coming through the phone, helping lift my spirits and reminding me of who I am. Thank you so much!”  K.F., CA

House/Office Clearings

“Eliel helped me with a tough situation at work by teaching me how to keep my office clear. It has really made a big difference in how I feel about going to work and dealing with my office mates. I actually decided to stay at my job rather than quit. It was also great to put on the oil she recommended-it makes me feel like I can handle difficult people more easily.”  S.B. Pacific Grove, CA

“I tried some of the things Eliel suggested over the phone to purify my home, which really worked. But my office needed extra help, so Eliel did a clearing of the building. It feels lighter and everyone seems to have noticed it’s a better work environment. Eliel also showed us how to keep the place clear for ourselves.”   M.R. Sebastopol, CA

Essential Oil Blends

“Transformation in a bottle—Eliel’s oils may appear subtle on the surface, but the results never are. Whether you dab a little on every so often, or anoint yourself daily until it’s gone, Eliel’s oils take your soul and your psyche on a journey to a new state of being.”  P. K., PA

“I had Eliel make a custom blend to help me through a rough transition in my life. I put it on every morning and it helped me get through. And it smelled yummy!”  D.M., NY

The Meadow

“My son’s favorite book, he insists on sleeping with it at night.”

“My kids love this book and are trying to grow their own beards!”

“I didn’t think my two-year-old granddaughter would be able to sit through the reading of the entire book, but the story and pictures are so engaging, she wanted me to read it again.”

“Simply beautiful! The pictures and story go perfectly together.”

Poetry Books

Reader Appreciation for One Year A.M…

“Eliel Fionn has been important in my life for reasons too many to mention. I want you to meet her. Five years ago in January, she lost her 24 year old daughter to complications of the flu. When she posted about it on Facebook, I immediately wrote to her and said “This isn’t true, right?” I was numb and couldn’t imagine what her life would be like now. A month after her daughter Maia’s death, Eliel began writing poems and posting them on her Facebook page. I was amazed she could write in the midst of her grief, but even more amazed at her poems. A bit over five months later, I lost my 29 year old daughter. Now I no longer had to try to imagine what Eliel might be going through. I began to learn for myself. And there was one thing that consistently got me through one day after another after another. It was Eliel’s poems. The minute I got up, I would go check Facebook for another of Eliel’s poems to get me through the day. After all, she was 5 months ahead of me and if she could keep going, then I could learn from her how I could keep going. I began to copy her poems and keep them in a folder. I would put the ones that particularly touched me next to my bed to read when I couldn’t get out of it. I begged her to write a book. To put all the poems in one place, not only for me, but for all who could be comforted during loss and be encouraged to put one foot in front of the other.

Eliel has finally done it! And not just one book, but two! I received mine today and I am blown away!! The books “One Year A.M” and “Uncover the Sun” are partially subtitled “a journey of grief, gratitude and joy”

I want to unconditionally recommend these books for everyone who reads this post. And for your friends and their friends. Included in the books are breathtaking writings and paintings of Eliel’s daughter, Maia. Each and every one of Eliel’s poems is a world unto itself, a meditation that can nurture for hours. The two books hold over 300 poems ~ enough to nurture the deepest grief for a long long time. These pages are the most beautiful tribute a mother can give her child. A testament to Love at it’s greatest and deepest levels. And a testament to Eliel’s strength and courage to find gratitude and joy in the midst of grief.” P. M. Fairfield IA

“Eliel’s poetry offers whimsy and wisdom. It’s lyrical and emotional, loving and kind. I come away from it reminded of my humanity and capacity for compassion.”

“Powerful and moving, One Year A.M. put words to experiences and feelings I have not been able to articulate.”

“Eliel’s poetry comforted me after my own child died, especially on my worst days. Her words helped me feel better about the topsy turvy emotions I was experiencing, and gave me hope that I could live through this.”

“Eliel gets to the heart of grief, eloquently, openly, and with grace. Thank you for writing this book.”

One Year A.M. evoked many emotions for me. I was surprised how much grief I’d been carrying about old losses in my life. I feel lighter after reading this book.”

Reader Comments for Uncover the Sun

“Beautiful, honest, original, Uncover the Sun made me laugh, cry and feel better all at the same time. I recommend this book to anyone who has lost someone they love.”

The amazingly prolific Eliel Fionn gives voice to the human condition with compassion, wisdom, and humor. I believe she will be recognized as one of the most important poets of our time.”

“Genuine, original, uplifting, thanks for sharing your heart!”

“Eliel’s poetry is as concrete as it is spiritual… Each poem is a meditation-it may take seconds to read, but hours to contemplate.”


“I keep my Feltie at work by my computer, and whenever I’m having a bad day, I look at that smiling face and feel better.”  C.P., CA

“I have a traveling carrot Feltie named Myron that I take with me on business trips. Always reminds me not to take life too seriously.”  G. J., OH

“I have a whole basket of fruit and veggie Felties. They are so adorable and the stories are fabulous. I like how everyone in the Feltie World values being kind.”  S. H., CO

“Eliel made me a dog Feltie that looks just like my beagle Jib, who recently died. She wrote a story to honor him and even though I’m devastated, it makes me feel better.”