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Eliel Fionn, photograph by Yvonne Delong

For more than 25 years, I have provided intuitive consultations for thousands of people, including writers, actors, artists, scientists, composers, engineers, lawyers, veterans, politicians, moms, dads, teens, kids, grandmas/grandpas...

My intention is to remind you of your amazing, creative, worthy, and lovable self, and help you experience the power you have to transform your life. I emphasize kindness, compassion for yourself and others, and creating safety, particularly for those of you who are sensitive. Understanding how to stay grounded, having appropriate boundaries, and maintaining balance are important skills to master.

We recently relocated to the Algarve region of Portugal, near Tavira. I am currently available via email, FaceTime, Skype, and google voice. Please contact me at eliel@elielfionn.com to schedule an appointment.

Below is a poem by Eliel L. Fionn, from her 2018 book,
Uncover the Sun: An ongoing journey of grief, gratitude and joy

Prescription For Joy 

When you are willing to be patient
with your own impatience
and have compassion for your own suffering

When you are willing to muss
perfection’s coiffed little head
so that not every hair is in place

When you can both laugh and cry
at birth and death,
and absolutely smile at absolutes
while standing in the middle between
good things come to those who wait
and god helps those who help themselves

When you examine your own judgments
as if they are wounds that need addressing

When you are willing to adore
every bit of yourself that feels unloved
even if you have no idea what that means

When you are willing to feel
how unfeeling you can be
in this little human break-apart body
that scares so easily

When you are willing to be conscious
of how unconscious you are,
then joy seeps into every opening
and wells up from under sorrow
and flows right out into the world
without any effort at all.