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Intuitive Consultations
I have enjoyed providing intuitive consultations for twenty five years. I believe that each individual is responsible for his or her own decisions and my goal is to use my intuitive gifts to support my clients' well being, as well as to help them develop their own strengths. When I consult over the phone and in person, my intention is to give compassionate, practical, energetic guidance. I also teach individualized Reiki classes, offer energetic clearings of homes and offices, and lead Face Reading workshops for small groups. Intuitive Consultations may include a combination of Soul Readings and Energy work.
Your sessions with me are confidential; maintaining privacy is incredibly important so that my clients feel safe. I do not work with anyone without his or her permission. If you would like to purchase a gift session for a friend or relative, please check with them first. I work with clients of all ages, sexes, shapes, nationalities and sizes. I am available for international calls via phone or skype, but please make sure you reach me during business hours: 10:00 am-6:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time.
I am neither a doctor nor a licensed therapist. I do not diagnose or treat medical or mental conditions, nor should any suggestions I make be accepted in place of medical advice. Please consult a health care practitioner if you are suffering from physical or mental ailments.
For more information or to make an appointment, please call (541) 653-8959 or email me at
eliel@elielfionn.com. For phone appointments, you may choose to receive an invoice by email that includes a link which allows you to pay by credit card or Paypal. At the time of payment you may also purchase products if you would like. If you prefer to pay by credit card, I can take the information over the phone at the time of the appointment. If you would rather send a check, it must arrive before the time of the scheduled appointment.
Please mail checks to: Eliel Fionn, 1885 Happy Lane, Eugene, OR 97401. For in office appointments, I accept credit cards, checks, and cash. I require 24-hour notice for rescheduling or canceling your session.
Cost: For an hour session I charge $135, and for a half hour, $70

Soul Readings
An in-depth discussion of your soul history, including past lives, soul age, soul archetypes, careers, relationship patterns, spiritual development, purpose, and progress. This is an overall view of who you are as a soul, patterns you may be finishing, and new levels of awareness you may be approaching. Many clients wonder why I bring up their soul history at all, because it seems to have little to do with present time. Actually, I have found that we may keep playing out patterns again and again until we are more conscious of what drives us. Also, because time is not really linear, past lives may be just a memory away, much as our past history in this life affects our actions now.
I have also discovered that those activities and issues that we focus on time after time become such a part of who we are that they can be considered soul traits rather than merely personality traits. It can be very illuminating to understand the soul patterns that accompany us through our lives.

Energy Consultations
I provide energetic support including chakra clearings and energy balancing, as well as assisting clients in understanding energetic patterns that may be inhibiting healthy relationships, success in career, and overall well-being. I offer energy consultations both over the phone as well as in person.

Chakras, or energy centers, are the primary focus of most energy work sessions. I address both the chakra level and the soul level in terms of getting to the root cause of an issue. With respect for each individual's coping strategies, I approach the energy system gently, allowing each client to set the pace for their own self-discovery. I may instruct the client about the functioning of their chakras, and assist them in establishing new fluidity of motion. Or the client may simply receive an energy boost to rejuvenate them after prolonged stress. Each session is completely based on the individual need of the client.

Because energy is not bound by time or space limitations, Energy Consultations are effective both in person and over the phone.

Reiki Trainings
Learning Reiki is a simple and effective way to assist the mind and body to achieve balance. Reiki is a gentle form of energy work that promotes relaxation and an overall sense of vitality. Reiki is not only taught as a practice, but also passed by a series of attunements that increase the flow of energy in the body. I teach Levels I, II, and III on an individual basis, and provide ongoing tutorials for those who complete Level III and would like to pass attunements to others.

Reiki I is an introduction to Reiki including the history, the first level symbol, and first level attunement. In Level I you learn to increase the energy flow in the body, understand the chakras, and begin your Reiki practice. 10 hours practice is needed in order to move onto Level II. Fee for Level I is $225

Reiki II covers emotional and mental clearing, long distance Reiki, Level II symbols and attunements, more advanced chakra work, and 10 hours of practice before moving to Level III. Fee: $275

Reiki III introduces Level III symbols and attunements, the principles of passing attunements to others, and 20 hours of practice. The student may check in with Eliel periodically to discuss progress as a Reiki practitioner. Additional topics covered in Reiki classes include energy balancing, exercises in intuitive awareness, energetic ethics, and the importance of intention. Fee:$325

Home/Office Clearings
Often our environment retains the energetic imprint of events or emotional residue from previous times. I assist clients in removing uncomfortable energy from their space, and instruct them in how to maintain a clear environment. This may include escorting out unwanted energetic visitors, setting up an altar, applying purifying techniques, and incorporating principles of feng shui. My clearing experience encompasses one-room apartments, homes, businesses, resorts, and other large properties.

How do you know if you need assistance clearing your space? You may take care of your own home purification by using herbs, incense, or crystals to cleanse your work and living areas. Bowls of salt water placed in each room may also be helpful. If, after trying the basic clearing methods you still feel uneasy in your home or work environment, you may need a more in-depth clearing.

Face Reading Workshops

Face reading, or the art of understanding a person through visual cues, has been practiced for many centuries throughout most cultures. Facial features, facial expressions and body posture have been studied not only by artists and those in the healing professions, but also by the interested observer. We rely upon visual and energetic cues every day of our lives, making important decisions based upon what we see or perceive about others.
I learned this face reading system from a clinical psychologist and mystic, Narayan Singh, who studied the faces of his clients for twenty-five years, and began to compile lists of both physical, emotional, and soul traits. His emphasis on compassion provides a safe and deeply affecting experience in being seen and in learning to perceive others with discernment rather than judgment. Core childhood issues, male-female balance, ego patterns, soul age, soul archetypes, and soul purpose are some of the topics covered.

Face reading is an intimate experience. Most people are unused to being observed without judgment for extended periods of time. Participants need to remember that to be allowed into another's space is an honor, and respect is necessary. For most people, the more safety they feel, the more they reveal. Face reading is a profound, enjoyable, transformative experience that allows one to see others more clearly, as well as to experience what it is like to be seen and appreciated on many levels.

For the next scheduled workshop, please contact Eliel.