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In this sequel to One Year A.M., Eliel Luma Fionn continues her exploration of grief after the loss of her daughter, Maia. A heartfelt, honest book, Uncover the Sun provides an expanded view of life and love, giving the reader a sense of hope even in the midst of grief. The author deals with difficult topics gracefully, confronting human foibles with wry humor. Her poetry, alternately moving, inspiring, and down to earth, is especially comforting to those in mourning.

Below is a sample poem: 

Badge of Compassion

It is not the furrowed lines of age,
slumped shoulders, or sad expressions
that tell me if someone is a member
of this terrible club of loss.

Some of us look youthful,
wear sorrow and illness easily on our skins
so that no one would ever know.

But there is this depth in the eyes, the look
of someone who has weathered many pale dawns
when the sun hides from the horizon
and seems as if it will never rise again.

There is a wry acceptance
of plans interrupted, a humility
in knowing we are not the masters of fate
no matter how great our achievements may be.

To touch death before dying ourselves,
to really feel it, know it deep inside,
leaves this mark, this badge of compassion
that says, yes, I too understand suffering,
not yours, never exactly yours, but mine,
but ours.

By Eliel L. Fionn
Uncover the Sun, © 2018

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