Uncover the Sun

Sea Lions

Among the waves, sea lions glide

diving, swimming side by side

on pier and rock and windy beach

they pile together each on each,

positively thigmotactic

and never needing chiropractic


Sleek of skin and loud of bark

they avoid the Great White Shark,

but never contemplate creation

or humanity’s predation,

they indulge their every whim

to fish and snooze, snooze and swim


When the world has made its final run

completing revolutions round the sun

sea lions will not stress at all

at the dismal fate of this earth ball,

they’ll fish and swim, swim and snooze

not concerned about what they’ll lose


No need to watch their blubbery weight,

any size to them is great,

diving to depths of 900 feet

raw fish to them is quite a treat,

the sea for them is like a gym

where they bark and snort, snort and swim


They sleep 12 hours, just barely tryin’

-I wouldn’t mind being a sea lion.


Uncover the Sun



After you’re born


to polish that trusty gold heart of yours,

keep it shiny enough

to see your own reflection

in love, but not hate


After you’ve grown


to polish that warm copper heart of yours,

make sure the patina

of the cold hard world

doesn’t tarnish your luster


After you’re older


to polish that bright diamond heart of yours

keen enough to cut through any glass

half empty or half full

of wisdom