Uncover The Sun

night swim


the water is warmer

than the soft night air,

stars are dipping big and little

across the velvet sky


orange trees 

look like dark green 

corrugated cardboard,

moonlit cutouts


all the world 

is night different,

shades and textures



we tread water,

kicking our legs

to keep afloat

under the infinite 


stars smile

at our tiny grand plans,

which fade to shadows

in the peaceful water


Uncover The Sun

For Ukraine


There’s a bear

in the field

of sunflowers

tearing through

those golden glories

simply because

it doesn’t want them

to shine




has no purpose

but destruction,

forcing beauty 

into ruin,

and profaning 

the sacred


The sacred is a gift

that small minds

and cold hearts

cannot find

in themselves,

and set out 

to extinguish 

in others


But no matter how many 

flowers perish

in any season,

their seeds fall upon 

the nourishing earth

and grow

and grow

and grow


Uncover the Sun


If we sit together
on this rock by the river,
and let the sun
warm the hard places
where we do not meet

Maybe words will fall
into the water,
the hard words,
the disagreements,
the name calling

And the color of our skin
will be like flower petals,
each soft in beauty,
in difference

And our bodies,
their genders, places of birth,
languages, experiences,
will tell us both
about love and pain

And your beliefs
and mine will open
enough to include
a meeting place,
like this rock by the river

And the spark in your eyes
will greet mine,
maybe not in friendship,
or even understanding,
but in simple humanity

Uncover The Sun




like a child

or a cat sprawled

wide asleep


That deep relaxation

in which your mind sighs

in relief, your body

sinks into renewal


Rest among the clucking

chickens and birdsong

with the dark night stars



Here, safety

breathes every breath,

time moves snail slow,

nothing is everything


Calma, they say, calma,

when presence stretches time

into always enough

and accomplishes everything


Uncover the Sun



Blue navy waves

with white caps

and whales

greeting the clouds

with a blow and a spout

then a gray dive deep


Do you hear them, singing

songs of migration,

already ancient when the world

was fresh and the water

clear and salty

and certain


A whole concert

of hellos, welcoming

the newly born,

and a resonant keening

to mourn all those

who’ve sunk to the sand


With echoing calls of sorrow

and wonderment

at the surface songs

of humanity,

whose vain glory

blares loudly how great they art


Rough waves, and whales

dying to find cool waters

and always singing

for love of the sea,

their vast hearts full

of silence and sound

Uncover the Sun


It might be

a stiletto of words

thrust directly

into your heart


It might be

the casual indifference

of someone

who professed to love you


It might be



then broken


It might be

the gap between

what you do for love

and for money


It might be

loss after loss

of whatever or whomever

you held dear



has filled you

with that hard, sharp, dull

blade of despair


Whatever heavy

weights your shoulders

and crowds

your mind


Whatever has happened,

it isn’t you,

it isn’t the heart

you were born with


It isn’t the you

that delights

in sunsets

and mud puddles


It isn’t the you

that creates

as exuberantly

as any child


If you reach inside

deep, deeper still,

there you are,

yourself, unwounded

Uncover the Sun

Rocks and Ruins


What endures

may not be

what you thought

or even what you felt


Your life will fade 

into earth again,

as even stone houses

eventually crumble


But the rocks, 

whose offspring

are dust,

still remember the stars


And what you build

upon, even the dearest

foundation that falters,

leaves an imprint


That echoing place

of heart, of home,

lingers long past

any forgetting


Uncover the Sun



The house is emptying

itself of us,

our furniture and belongings


The walls stand politely

in their new coats

of paint


The windows wonder

how clearly the next dwellers

will see though them


Outside, the yard hunkers down

under its mulch and leaves

curious who will rake it next


The trees will welcome

whoever comes here,

as trees always do


The birds and squirrels

will chirp and chatter

in greeting


And we will be across the world 

in gratitude for everything

this house shared

Uncover the Sun



Fall into autumn,

let each leaf 

gently down


Or lift the tiny

leaves aloft

and fly them forth


However you let

things go,

open your arms


Surrender the dead

with your heart

tender and wide


Winter won’t be

quite as cold

then, with love

Uncover the Sun



Maybe life

is just a big bunch

of answers

to random questions


like the romance

of the dusky sky

with the gentleness

of the evening


or the sun sinking

into the embrace

of the horizon

with one last burst of light


or every smiling


that follows us

under the sun


or the shining awe

of your face

whenever you laughed

soul deep


Maybe life

is just one answer

to the question