Uncover the Sun

Come Now,


There are wretched

fights we could have

over differences of opinions,

we could shout

and call each other names,

prove our points again and again

amid the thump thump cadence

of our too-much-human hearts


But the hour grows late,

the climate contrary,

and all the fight in me

would rather grow vegetables

and plant trees

for generations of creatures and people

who may be no relation at all

except by heart


The future

will come unbidden

whether we shake hands

and rise to meet it together

or quarrel with ourselves

to the end, so let us

walk in sweet togetherness

rather than bitter separation


Come now, the sea is rising,

the earth claps her hands

and rocks the ground,

trying with every kind of weather

to reach her fractious babes,

but we cannot seem to listen

over the sound of our own

terrible thoughts and deeds


Haven’t we already proven

that hate makes skeletons

of us all

much sooner than necessary?

And over here, have you noticed

trees are budding along their tips

and the squirrels are basking

in the almost spring sun


What a world of beauty we ignore

in order to prove

we are in the running

for a fast race

to the finish line of humanity,

where no one wins, while

the birds sing the sun awake

and new leaves unfurl


Come now, there is no reason

more important

than the light sparkling from your eyes

into mine, than your smile

sharing this human story,

there is no reason

more important

than this

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