Uncover the Sun

What Grows


What do you grow in your garden there,

from seeds you tended with water and care?

Did they surprise you, when up they sprung,

delicious enough to delight the tongue?


Turnips and radishes, rounded in girth

rooted happily in the rich earth

Snap peas and melons, both with their vines

one travels up, while the other reclines


Potatoes snooze deep in the ground

spreading all over in a manner profound

All kinds of berries, of sweet tart flavors

to satisfy any dessert cravers


Cherries, apricots, plums, are all growing,

figs, Asian pears, their bloomers are showing

Lettuce in pots, and there’s Meyer lemon,

(a rhyme for that word leaves me hawing and hemmin’)


Broccoli, luckily, likes colder weather,

while others reject the chill altogether

Flowers, they flourish already this year,

perhaps knowing humans need color and cheer


All the euphorbia seems quite euphoric,

and the rhodies are practically phantasmagoric

Here in the garden, beyond human woes

snapdragons snap and dance on their toes


Whatever you’ve planted or whatever you’ve not,

the seeds of them both, well, that’s what you’ve got 

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