Uncover the Sun



We don’t want

to talk about

those people,

the ones that came



It was hard,

being poor,

the war, the work

that chapped the hands

and curved the back


Why remember

the unpleasantness

of their struggles,

when you can focus

on now


But see how my roots

still entwine me,

the fearful folk who fled

their home ground,

unwelcome there


I am bound

by ideas unconscious

but carried

carried into the future

by them, by me


Their blood still pulses

in my veins, they

keep me alive

through every hard



They are the salt

in my blood

that savors me

flavors me,

their sweat, their tears


I am from those

who came before,

though I never knew them-

gone long before

I ever became


I am full

of generations,

even of their joy

in knowing

I carry them still


Eliel Fionn 12/29/23

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