Uncover the Sun


The sky hears
the musical movement
of every v-shaped stanza
of migration

The sky knows
every bird that floats the currents,
every plane that touches a cloud,
every rocket that blasts past

The sky sings
in a thunderous chorus
and in the soft tones
of raindrops

The sky mourns
every species
that never walks or crawls or flies
on earth again

The sky loves
every first breath
and every last
it has ever shared

Uncover the Sun


Don’t hold it in too long,
that breath
that fear

Every worried thought
that sits inside

becomes a weight
than any virus

deep belly
to diaphragm

Round it out
like a baby

and finding
her feet
for the first time

Don’t hold anything
past one full
in and exhale

and breathe
right through loss
and love again

Uncover the Sun

Baby Blanket


My colorful quilt

of many-toned skin,

is different from yours

and covers me

covers me well,

can you tell?


It keeps me warm

as the earth

when the sun shines down

in olive tones,

a Mediterranean-


I got when I was born


What kind did you get?


Uncover the Sun

Every Flower


Lavender roses last longest,

deep red have a scent of perfume,

the peach hold their colors the longest,

the white ones are largest in bloom


Yellow roses gather the sunlight,

multicolored ones mimic the dawn,

black roses glisten like midnight

with their leaves shining green as a lawn


To Nature, all people are flowers,

her palette of colors in skin,

the gift of this beauty is ours-

to love every flower as kin

Uncover the Sun

Worth It


Rocks yearn

for the watery kiss

of ocean waves,

although that press

may eventually wear them down


Ask any bit of sand

if love was worth

shattering for

and that tiny smooth rubble

will smile under your feet


while it holds

families and picnics

and vacations

and dogs running like lovers

into the waves


The gritty sand

that was once rock

clings to feet, legs, hands,

hair, and thus travels

the world


to be brushed off by towels

and washed away

by hoses and showers

to go wherever

it may, still smiling


at how far love

has taken it,


and embraced it,

shattered and all

Uncover the Sun

Long Evening


In this time of the light,

end of day but before night,

when sun begins its evening sprawl,

our shadows barely show at all,

outlines grow ever duller

while blossoms, serene in brilliant color,

scent of violet, rose, and musk

perfume the air all cloaked in dusk


Under nature’s beauty spell,

we stroll about like all is well

though we wear masks and watch our spacing

knowing the risk that we are taking

may be low, but nonetheless,

a danger that we must address

as day comes to its nightly close,

a colorful palette in repose


We head home from our long walk

passing tree, leaf, blossom, stalk,

houses rimmed by bushy hedges

that may be rounded, or have edges,

other walkers keep their distance

in mutual respect for existence-

if only this had always been

for friends and strangers, lovers, kin


Appreciation for all that nature is,

not sacrificed to human biz,

oceans, mountains, valleys, lakes

clear air and water, for all our sakes,

creatures that swim, fly, crawl, and run,

everything beloved under the sun

from trees and plants, to bees that buzz

let’s keep it all as is, not was

Uncover the Sun

What Grows


What do you grow in your garden there,

from seeds you tended with water and care?

Did they surprise you, when up they sprung,

delicious enough to delight the tongue?


Turnips and radishes, rounded in girth

rooted happily in the rich earth

Snap peas and melons, both with their vines

one travels up, while the other reclines


Potatoes snooze deep in the ground

spreading all over in a manner profound

All kinds of berries, of sweet tart flavors

to satisfy any dessert cravers


Cherries, apricots, plums, are all growing,

figs, Asian pears, their bloomers are showing

Lettuce in pots, and there’s Meyer lemon,

(a rhyme for that word leaves me hawing and hemmin’)


Broccoli, luckily, likes colder weather,

while others reject the chill altogether

Flowers, they flourish already this year,

perhaps knowing humans need color and cheer


All the euphorbia seems quite euphoric,

and the rhodies are practically phantasmagoric

Here in the garden, beyond human woes

snapdragons snap and dance on their toes


Whatever you’ve planted or whatever you’ve not,

the seeds of them both, well, that’s what you’ve got 

Uncover the Sun

No Fear


The rain has left puddleprints

along the sidewalks 

and in the streets,

gurgling through the drains

like a song to the sky


No one is out walking 

but you and I,

delightfully sprinkled

but not sodden

in our sneakers and coats


The rain fears nothing,

not even the sunniest days

when it becomes only a dream

waiting for new clouds

to bring it forth again


The newbud scent

of mulch and flowers

dances through the air,

reminding us, it’s a fine thing

to breathe deeply 


No matter how much human fear

clings to houses and cars,

the rain shrugs wetly

and keeps making puddles

of sheer joy

Uncover the Sun

Sunset Walk


Look, over there,

a pink orange surprise

above the dark outline

of trunk and branch hugging

the horizon


Sunsets, like every leaf ever made,

never look the same,

and the sky never gets bored in its

end-of-the-day palette

of Easter hues


Lately, colors have been heightened,

the crisp green of leaves, bold

contrast to the blushing rose

and white jasmine, whose fragrances

linger long after we pass by


The streets are poignantly empty,

even of car sounds,

and the ground shimmers

in the pale light, as if not quite

substantial any more


It is possible to breathe quietly

under such a sunset,

and let fear and worry dissolve

under the sky

like watercolors

Uncover the Sun

Blue Sky

On days when the sky

holds a danger of gray

let each flavor linger

like unfamiliar fruit,

slowly, with delight

and a bit of wistful wishing

that you hadn’t tried it yet,

that the first sweet surprise

still awaited your tongue


Greet each person you know

like a world

you’ve never traveled,

wild terrain

both foreign and friendly,

with unexpected paths

perhaps long forgotten,

and vistas that awe the heart

and catch the breath


Embrace every tree you meet

like a whole forest 

of wonder 

rooted more deeply 

than any human kind,

rich, earthy, expansive,

not prone to pettiness,

but magnificent 

in generosity


On days when the sky

holds a danger of gray,

you might think it 

the only color you will ever see,

then with all of your senses

seek blue, find blue

taste it, greet it, 

embrace blue sky 

in you