Uncover the Sun

Great Wealth


There is great wealth

in releasing

out of your life:

clothes you never wear,

unhelpful ideas,

unsatisfying work,

and unkind people


If you sit quietly

and feel love inside you

it will be easier to tell

what is missing around you,

what supports that inside peace

and what does not

bring you joy


There is great wealth

in knowing

who you are

and who you aren’t

while still

not knowing

who you may become


Uncover the Sun



Earth surprises

in flowers

never planted


in love peeking out

of unexpected places

and unfamiliar faces


in relinquished dreams

suddenly coming

to fruition


in terrible losses

that simultaneously

destroy and create


in each day folding

into the next

like Origami


in bursts of freedom

knocking down walls

and opening cages


in the quiet pauses

between each note of life,

earth surprises

Uncover the Sun

All Things


Death gives this gift,

the tender ache of knowing

we hold nothing forever


and the beauty in longing,

the exquisite grace

where you once were


opens in every new laugh in the sun,

the cherishment

of flowers and friends


Everything dissolves into tomorrow,

re-lived by memory,

loved infinitely


as all things fall to ground


Uncover The Sun

Mother’s Day


The earth holds the bones

of every tree that ever held

leafy children aloft


and the ashes

of every human mother

that ever nursed a babe


and the fur of every mammal

that ever carried

their young front to back


and the shells of every turtle

that ever guided

offspring to the sea


and the skins of every reptile

that ever hatched

tiny slitherlings


and the feathers of every bird

that ever nested

their brood


the earth gently holds the bones

of every child

ever created


Uncover the Sun

The Gems


Thank you

to all of the gems

in life


Those that innocently

sparkle joy

at any age


The jewels mishandled,

but somehow

still shining


The unpolished natural gems

that quietly

hold no pretensions


The big and the bold

set in gold or platinum,

delighting in attention


The warm ones

that glow softly

with kindness


The precious ones

here for a short time,

their luster reflected in memory


The deep-pressed diamonds

who discover their worth

only under duress


The cold beauties,


and full of pain


The clear deep stones


in any weather


Every cut and color in creation,

each facet reflecting

under the sun

Uncover The Sun



Once, the egg of the universe

cracked wide

and spilled into clusters

of planets and stars

in space


And our little blue round,

if only we held it

as tenderly

as any bird ever sheltered

her unhatched brood


Perhaps the mothering sky

waits for the day

that our hearts crack

wide open

and we all fly



Uncover the Sun

Buddha’s Footprints


Follow Buddha’s footprints,

each heel to toe

pressed into stone


They will take you

further than mind allows

and body knows


They will last longer

than a life,

and no less than a heartbeat


Others have walked this way,

barely touching the earth

yet leaving deep impressions


Follow Buddha’s footprints

far enough

and there will only be your own


barely lingering

like dusty sand gently swept

into the wind


Uncover the Sun



Gotta hand it to you mothers

you can clean up poop

and pee and barf and still smile

and love your kid like


like a miraculous flower

never knowing how it will bloom


You don’t feel like you’re “babysitting,”

or having to “watch the kid,”

no, no trying on a role for you

it’s the real deal

until death and even after,

that small body full

of every hope you ever had for the future


Your mothering hands soothe the heart,

your gaze sees every bit of kid,

every fault and crack line

and loves right into the abyss

and beyond,

you mothers

gotta hand it to you


Uncover the Sun



You’ve been hiding

under the cat’s paws

and been stepped upon by many feet

yet no harm has come to you behind glass-

nothing touches your hummingbird hope


you can pretend that autumn leaves

are new spring green

but then they crackle and cackle

like old geese and the jig’s up

you really are older than you look


and time presses itself between book pages

into past stories you no longer have time for

and young people want you

to wait for them

to grow up enough to care


but you don’t have time

to wait by their water,

you have to jump

into yours and be splashed by life

with the best possible passion


because it really is autumn,

the long summer has fallen

away, far away

and winter comes

on tiger feet roaring


Uncover the Sun

Used To


I’ve heard people say

you can get used to anything

if you wait long enough


like the hole in the place

where a mind once

thought like yours


or the bare spot

where a tree used to stand

smiling its fruit up


or the cold empty

where warmth once pulsed

between two friends


or the exciting ideas

that have fallen down

and can’t get up


I don’t know if it’s worse

to never get used to anything

that hurts


or to get used to the missing

when someone or something

no longer is