Uncover The Sun



Once, the egg of the universe

cracked wide

and spilled into clusters

of planets and stars

in space


And our little blue round,

if only we held it

as tenderly

as any bird ever sheltered

her unhatched brood


Perhaps the mothering sky

waits for the day

that our hearts crack

wide open

and we all fly



Uncover the Sun

Buddha’s Footprints


Follow Buddha’s footprints,

each heel to toe

pressed into stone


They will take you

further than mind allows

and body knows


They will last longer

than a life,

and no less than a heartbeat


Others have walked this way,

barely touching the earth

yet leaving deep impressions


Follow Buddha’s footprints

far enough

and there will only be your own


barely lingering

like dusty sand gently swept

into the wind


Uncover the Sun



Gotta hand it to you mothers

you can clean up poop

and pee and barf and still smile

and love your kid like


like a miraculous flower

never knowing how it will bloom


You don’t feel like you’re “babysitting,”

or having to “watch the kid,”

no, no trying on a role for you

it’s the real deal

until death and even after,

that small body full

of every hope you ever had for the future


Your mothering hands soothe the heart,

your gaze sees every bit of kid,

every fault and crack line

and loves right into the abyss

and beyond,

you mothers

gotta hand it to you


Uncover the Sun



You’ve been hiding

under the cat’s paws

and been stepped upon by many feet

yet no harm has come to you behind glass-

nothing touches your hummingbird hope


you can pretend that autumn leaves

are new spring green

but then they crackle and cackle

like old geese and the jig’s up

you really are older than you look


and time presses itself between book pages

into past stories you no longer have time for

and young people want you

to wait for them

to grow up enough to care


but you don’t have time

to wait by their water,

you have to jump

into yours and be splashed by life

with the best possible passion


because it really is autumn,

the long summer has fallen

away, far away

and winter comes

on tiger feet roaring


Uncover the Sun

Used To


I’ve heard people say

you can get used to anything

if you wait long enough


like the hole in the place

where a mind once

thought like yours


or the bare spot

where a tree used to stand

smiling its fruit up


or the cold empty

where warmth once pulsed

between two friends


or the exciting ideas

that have fallen down

and can’t get up


I don’t know if it’s worse

to never get used to anything

that hurts


or to get used to the missing

when someone or something

no longer is

Uncover the Sun

Sea Lions

Among the waves, sea lions glide

diving, swimming side by side

on pier and rock and windy beach

they pile together each on each,

positively thigmotactic

and never needing chiropractic


Sleek of skin and loud of bark

they avoid the Great White Shark,

but never contemplate creation

or humanity’s predation,

they indulge their every whim

to fish and snooze, snooze and swim


When the world has made its final run

completing revolutions round the sun

sea lions will not stress at all

at the dismal fate of this earth ball,

they’ll fish and swim, swim and snooze

not concerned about what they’ll lose


No need to watch their blubbery weight,

any size to them is great,

diving to depths of 900 feet

raw fish to them is quite a treat,

the sea for them is like a gym

where they bark and snort, snort and swim


They sleep 12 hours, just barely tryin’

-I wouldn’t mind being a sea lion.


Uncover the Sun

This week we have a guest blog from Olive Evangeline, an advice columnist from Catmopolitan Magazine, the go-to read for the urban feline.  Her “Just Ask Olive” column has become highly popular over the years. She welcomes questions from her readers and will answer any inquiries in the next edition. Thank you, Olive!

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to present you with “Just Ask Olive,” my advice column for anyone who ever wondered about the relationship between humans and the animal kingdom. I don’t say kingdom lightly. As every cat knows, we are here to be served. Feel free to send comments, questions, and concerns to me via this blog, and I will try to answer them as I find time between daily bathing, eating, and snoozing. Enjoy!


Dear Olive, I would like to show my human some appreciation for her years of service. What do you recommend? -Grateful in Idaho

Dear Grateful,

So, you want to gift your human with a token of your appreciation? It is often difficult to choose between a bird, rodent, or snake. For anniversary or birthday presents, nothing says I adore you like a tasty mouse carcass! To motivate your human to keep up good service, choose a small bird, since cleaning up the feathers will keep her tidying skills tip top. For service beyond the norm, a snake adds a bit of excitement to any household. And for superlative behavior, there’s nothing like bringing in a bat for high entertainment.

Dear Olive, I love my humans, but they are often uncomfortable bedmates at night. Do you have suggestions for a more restful sleep? -Restless in Montreal

Dear Restless,

It is difficult, though not impossible, to get a good night’s rest with humans sharing your bed. Although they are subject to tossing and turning, wrenching the covers, and generally dislodging your perch, there are ways to keep the interference to a minimum. Sleep on your humans’ feet, wedge your body next to theirs and go limp so they are unable to turn over, or snooze on their head to keep them immobilized. Now you can catnap stress-free!

Dear Olive, I am gaining a bit of weight on my kibble, but it tastes better than the canned stuff they keep serving me. How do I maintain my fine furry figure? -Portly in Portland

Dear Portly,

Ah yes, canned food or kibble? While it is not impossible to lose weight eating kibble, it is a slow process. Canned food, though it smells like metal, will definitely shrink those belly bulges. You could also try eating less or chasing other cats around the yard more to reduce pudge poundage. But the real question is, do you care? Luckily, being a cat allows you to love yourself completely, no matter the size of your girth.

Dear Olive, what do you do when your humans are too lazy to clean the litter box properly? -Disgusted in Arizona

Dear Disgusted,

You can always defecate or pee on the bed to get their attention, or barf in their shoes. Other ways to show your displeasure include biting them on the hand when they try to pet you, stomping on their belly in the middle of the night to wake them up, or breaking objects they like. Then there is the death glare, a fierce eye gaze so powerful that you will know you are doing it correctly when your human jumps to do your bidding. (Note the death glare in photo above.) Continue reading

Uncover the Sun



let us take

a brief pause

in our regularly scheduled

human mayhem


to hold a pine cone

and notice the seeds spiraling

in orderly splendor

of reproduction


and how the fern knows,

without complex calculations,

which way to reach

for the sun


and how flowers,

making no distinctions,

blossom sweetly

among the weeds


and how stones come to rest quietly

where they are placed,

and even earthquakes

open in a line we call fault


and how humans

in their civilized fashion

may be

the wildest things here


Uncover the Sun



Catch hope

as only a cat can,

with a smile, a purr,

and a pounce


Count the gifts

of imagination

no longer buried

under too many rules


Carry petroglyphs

of possibility


into new walls


Hold your heart

carefully open

and run dance

passionately forward

Uncover the Sun



After you’re born


to polish that trusty gold heart of yours,

keep it shiny enough

to see your own reflection

in love, but not hate


After you’ve grown


to polish that warm copper heart of yours,

make sure the patina

of the cold hard world

doesn’t tarnish your luster


After you’re older


to polish that bright diamond heart of yours

keen enough to cut through any glass

half empty or half full

of wisdom