Uncover the Sun

In Full Profound

Each day, a concert among the trees,
cicadas, birds, frogs, and bees,
a chirping, croaking, humming chorus,
a veritable sound thesaurus

And art, by nature’s palette painted,
with every color she’s acquainted,
etched in flower, bush, and creature
displaying every detailed feature

Sweet scents to delight any nose
of flowers resting in sun repose,
a smorgasbord of other smells
at which the nose sometimes rebels

The taste of crisp apple morning air
brings us into bold aware
of every breath that fills our senses
and helps us live without pretenses

Touch the earth in full profound
of flavors, scent, sight, and sound,
textures complex, smooth, or rough,
you’ll find abundantly enough

But civilization comes crashing in
with cars honking in the daily din,
things to do and shop and buy
underneath the cerulean sky

Then pause to see, to breathe, and feel,
to touch, to smell in fond appeal,
for senses, no matter what or where,
are gifts in which we all can share

Eliel Fionn 7/8/23

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