Uncover the Sun


If I were to tell you

the story of yourself,

from the first idea of you,

the birthing breath of you,

through every day after


If I were to recount

the every thought of you,

the ocean of emotion,

each act and expression

of your mind, your body


If I were to say the name

of your every sensation, creation,

the words you strung in pearls

across the years,

the essential art of you


If I were to play

the notes you sang

or strummed or tapped,

each song you recognized

or danced to in delight


If I were to describe

the great heart of you,

those souls

you met and cherished,

embraced or rejected


If I were to tell you

that the breath of you,

from the most joyful

to the most sorrowful,

was sacred


As were your failures

and successes,

paths that turned

and twisted, all

that you discovered or lost


If I were to remind you

that you were more

than all the stories

of your life,

beyond your time here


Would you remember

in an eternity of days,

the deep down


you always were?


If you were to tell me

the story of yourself,

let it be vaster

than the stars, and finer

than sand from the sea

Eliel Fionn  7/17/23


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  1. I found this poem very beautiful. It touched my heart.
    I am a Swede but I worked in the USA for some yrs. One position was Research Prof. at WVU
    A short background: Retired Associate Professor, 76 yrs old. I use my facebook link if you want to find out more about me.
    Hugs, Rob

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