Uncover the Sun

As Ever We Are

Sorrow and joy
hold hands
puddle leaps
and fallen deeps

like love is
every ending
ever begun
when we first
clasped eyes…

Across the years
where you once lived,
hearts ache
in awe
that ever you were

or any of us,
from thought
to feeling, to any breath
that ever made us
ourselves at all

see how miracles
as kin
to marvel

no one else
ever born
is you or me
the way we were
ourselves together

and this
every human knows
by heart,
this great gift,
this tender sorrow

we may pretend
life doesn’t end,
or ignore for a time
how sacred
every soul

but inside,
deeper than marrow,
we know
how much
of love is loss

and this we accept
with every breath
even while
we intend
to forget

yet, we love on
in our imperfect ways,
tempered by grief, amazed
by the resolute beat
of our hearts

and someday
we embrace
every sorrow
as the dearest loves
they are, we are

Eliel Fionn

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