Uncover the Sun

Sometimes there is longing

for something, someone,


you never met


to know it’s missing



the reach of a hand,

a wonder of mind,

the memory of a heart

without words to convey

what is lost

yet now and then a glimpse

deep inside the eyes,

a child’s laugh,

or the way the moonlight

reflects on water

in silent awe


for a moment, that pain

lessens, and you try

to catch, to hold

that brief fullness

as if it were tangible

as time

or as human hearts

that knew

the forever ocean of love,

always carrying you

home, no matter

how far you drift


The longing

for something, someone,

somewhere, in you

is in me too,

this shared missing,

connection in kind


waves of compassion

in an ocean of understanding

for this

unwordable longing,

in you, in me, in us

Eliel Fionn 7/29/23

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